Are You Ready to Get Off the “Six-Figure Hamster Wheel”, Stabilize Your Cashflow, and Scale Your Business?

In The Relevancy Engine, You’re Surrounded by 
a Community of Passionate Entrepreneurs

If you're an entrepreneur who's been stuck on the revenue roller coaster in your coaching or consulting business….

And you haven't been able to break through to to the income level you've been yearning for…

Then there is one very important question to ask yourself:

Am I On The “6 Figure Hamster Wheel”?

If you feel like every month you’re starting over from $0, and the next 30 days are going to be a hustle-fest as you do everything you can to hit your financial goals and stay afloat…

You might be on the Six Figure Hamster Wheel.

If you get all of your new business from organic marketing like posting on your Facebook profile, interacting in Facebook groups, or getting referrals...but you have no consistent, predictable source of leads…..

(and you typically only get new leads through your personal investment of time and energy….so your lead generation efforts aren’t scalable….)

You might be on the Six Figure Hamster Wheel.

If you wake up on a Monday, pull up your Google Calendar as you sip on your first coffee of the week...and once again feel your stomach drop as you realize the “promotion” you ran didn’t generated any qualified sales calls…

You might be on the Six Figure Hamster Wheel. 


What if instead instead of having a more stressful business, you could instead see a continual increase in:

The Relevancy Engine is designed for entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who are generating somewhere between $20k and $50k each month in business revenue and want to finally get off the 6 Figure Hamster Wheel….

This whole process creates a powerful magnetic pull that attracts your perfect clients from your ever-growing, well targeted audience.

You will know exactly how to implement the ROI Method and you will finally have a  proven, effective  lead generation engine powering the growth of your business.

Since started in the Fall of 2017, the process at the heart of The Relevancy Engine is responsible for an impressive (and growing) number of success stories.

What IS The Relevancy Engine?

If you want to scale your business by consistently serving others on a deeper level through effective, transformative “high-ticket” offers & programs….

...then you don’t need another program or course or webinar….

…..nor do you need a group coaching program that proves to be more “one size fits all” nonsense...

Instead, what you need is the  personalized guidance from someone who’s already done it to help you implement a proven growth framework (in this case, The ROI Method) in a way that best fits your business, serves your market, and fulfills your goals.

What creates powerful, fast transformation is 1-on-1 mentorship

...being personally given the expertise, insight, and strategic direction needed to specifically help you scale your business.

The Relevancy Engine is a no-holds barred growth program. We go to work with you to help you achieve the results you deserve.

We're not afraid to tell you the truth and push you to grow in the areas that you need to -- even (and especially) when it's uncomfortable.

That's where the most meaningful growth happens.

Other programs usher you along with encouragement and empty promises.

We get “deep in the thickets” of your business with you & make sure that nothing gets in your way -- not even yourself.

In addition to the support of our entire team, and a community of powerful entrepreneurs supporting you, The Relevancy Engine puts one extraordinary coach in your corner - your dedicated Mentor.
They'll be there to guide you every step of the way.


2x to 7-Figures in 12 Months: David’s Story

David did just shy of $500k in 2016. He wanted to get to the next level, so he began working with Scott and using the methods from the Relevancy Engine program. What he found was that the tactics and strategies were learnable, but the value was in the mindset, focus, and entrepreneurial therapy in having a mentor to strategize with. In 2017, David booked over $1 million in revenue.


She 4xed Her Business From 2016 to 2017

Prior to working with Scott to implement the strategies from the Relevancy Engine, Sunny was stuck in “the hustle”. She was constantly doing launches to bring in cash and was sick of the “feast and famine” of online business. Then, she met Scott and started working with him. Since then, her business has more than 4x-ed her business and she closed out 2017 at over $1 million in revenue.

Stuck at $20k/month to his first 6-figure month in 4 months

Pat Brewer runs a marketing consultancy for financial advisors. When he signed up for the Relevancy Engine, he was stuck at $20k/month, and had no consistency in revenue. He knew he had a market that was ready, but no way of getting his message out to them. He began implementing R.O.I. immediately. Within 4 months, he went from being stuck at $20k/month to having his first 6-figure month. And then another one right after it, with no signs of slowing down. In 2018, he’s likely to hit and surpass $2 million in revenue.


From $0 to $208k in 48 Hours Using R.O.I.

Mikael developed an analytics software called Funnelytics. He wasn’t sure how to monetize it, and played around with a couple different ideas. Then, he discovered the R.O.I. Method and began implementing it. He focused on being Relevant to his target audience. Then, he implemented an Omnipresence campaign, and added Intimacy. He launched a paid version of his software to his community and within 48 hours, generated over $208,000.




Automated Lead Generation Putting Her On The Fast-Track to 7-Figures

Sam built a multi-6 figure business without any paid lead generation. But it was wearing her down. She was constantly launching in order to sustain cashflow and grow the business. When she met Scott, she immediately began implementing the principles of Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy. Now, she has an automated method for generating and nurturing leads, and is currently getting qualified leads onto the phone for less than $100 per application for her $6k program. 


30k/month to over 90k/month

Dan runs a Facebook ads agency. He was doing well for himself, averaging $30k a month. But he just couldn’t break through that ceiling to get to the next level. Then, he met Scott and began implementing the principles and strategies from the Relevancy Engine. Within 3 months, he had more than tripled his revenue.

He Sold Out His High Ticket Program Almost Immediately!

Chris Winfield is an expert at getting entrepreneurs featured in the media. While business was going well, he wasn’t sure what the next step was to grow and get to the next level. He knew that he wanted to serve his audience at a much higher level, but didn’t know how to make that step.
Then, he discovered the R.O.I. Method. Soon after, he worked with us to craft a new, high-value offer for his audience. Using the principles of Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy, he almost immediately sold out all 25 spots of this new offer.
Now, he’s able to reinvest the revenue from the pilot program into massive growth for his business.


“$80k launch off a very small list!”

"I was just doing 1-on-1 stuff prior to joining. Now, after Relevancy Engine I have the entire group program set up with all the marketing, automation, and sales team! I feel so confident in where we’re going and what our next steps are as the leader. I would have had NO CLUE without the Relevancy Engine."


More Entrepreneurs Who Have Had Success In The Relevancy Engine


Have created a scalable high-ticket offer that helps you provide deep transformation and significant results for your clients

Have built an ROI Method inspired marketing system that automatically attracts, converts, and enrolls your perfect ideal clients for your program

Have begun implementing the Omnipresence strategy into your business. With this, you will become “top of mind” for your target audience, elevate your impact, and be on the way to becoming the biggest name in your niche.

By the end of the Relevancy Engine you will:

If you’re ready to begin implementing The R.O.I. Method & become more Relevant than ever to your ideal customers and clients...


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If you find yourself operating from “scarcity” on sales calls because you only have so many of them getting scheduled each month…

....and then you find yourself having to spend half of the sales call to explain who you are, what your exact process is (if you even have one), and what your results and value are….

You are definitely on the Six Figure Hamster Wheel of Hustle
 (and it always ends with exhaustion and burnout).

The truth is, you already know what the being trapped on the hamster wheel feels like….

Anxious, stressed, burned out, scrambling...
If you've bought into the "hustle culture” that so many people seem to be pushing and glorifying...

If you’re tired of never having enough leads...of always having to explain your value to people on sales calls….and the entire sales process sometimes feels like trying to pull teeth….

And if you’re ready to finally stop getting so freaking stuck in the $20k - $30k per month range

Then the Relevancy Engine was created specifically to help entrepreneurs to finally get real traction & experience consistent growth in their business….

….. instead of always hustling all the time just to keep the hamster wheel running for another month…..

How to Harness the Power of The ROI Method, Build a Scalable High-Ticket Offer, and Create Serious Leverage In Your Business 

[All In 90 Days]

The number of targeted people who know who you are & the result(s) you deliver...

The number of 
qualified leads reaching out to you... (qualified people actively looking to work with you, and already knowing they want you to help them even before they get on the sales call with you or someone on your team)

The number of 
aligned opportunities with partners who you used to only be able to dream of working with

Well….these are exactly what happens when you implement The R.O.I. Method into your business. 

And the Relevancy Engine can help you quickly begin implementing The R.O.I. Method into your business….

It is the Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy Method after all.

It’s designed to get you moving quickly. This is a 90 Day Accelerator Program. By the end, you will have developed a powerful, transformational offer that your audience will love….

….you’ll know the secrets of creating magnetic content that will make you unmistakably (and lucratively) Relevant to the people that you serve….

….and we’ll show you everything you need to know about growing your audience(s) and being Omnipresent to them….

...and the more often you can reach someone, the more you can
consistently & deeply serve them


If you are ready for this sort of support and are committed to getting the results you want, click the 'APPLY TO THE RELEVANCY ENGINE' button below

What Happens Inside of The Relevancy Engine?

In the Relevancy Engine, we break down your journey into 6 fundamental modules:

1. Bulletproof Business Foundation

2. Using the ROI Method 

3. The Relevancy Funnel

4. Becoming Omnipresent

Becoming Omnipresent

Everything you’ve built has lead to this. In this module, you’ll learn how to use content and advertising to become the most relevant and omnipresent name in your niche. In this section of The Relevancy Engine, we’ll set up your ad account, map out your advertising strategy, launch your omnipresence campaigns, and monitor them they bring you a steady stream of new leads and clients.

Build a Bulletproof Business Strategy

A solid marketing strategy must be based on a strong business model. It is the foundation on which it stands. In this module, we will go over how to make your foundation as strong as possible. We’ll cover the basics of defining and documenting your customer avatar, your core offer, and your profit margins. We’ll also go over how to establish a system for tracking your finances and making financial goals and projections





Using the ROI Method

Now that your foundation is built, it’s time to start validating your new offer. In this module, we’ll go over how to craft powerful content that attracts your ideal clients. We’ll also show you how to get those clients onto a call and enroll them into your offer effortlessly  By the end of this lesson, you’ll be fully equipped to attract and convert high-quality leads- before you even spend a penny on ads.

The Relevancy Funnel

Your Relevancy Funnel is the core selling structure of your business. In this module, we help you build a new funnel from start to finish. Using our plug and play templates, swipe files, and expert resources, we help you create the pieces necessary to launch a profitable high-ticket funnel. From writing and designing a lead magnet guide, to structuring your messaging, we help you through every step of the way.


It’s not just about having a 1-on-1 coach to guide you through creating your high-ticket offer marketing machine…

And it’s not just about having the step-by-step process for how to do it all…

But it’s also about the people you meet along the way.

In the Relevancy Engine, every day you get to hang out exclusively with people up to big things in business….

….to be surrounded with people who have abundant, exponential mindsets and are willing to openly share their gifts, knowledge, and insight….

….who regularly inspire with their wins, their growth, and their “audacious” goals. It’s always a good choice to surround yourself with people who are driving themselves, with intent, towards meaningful personal and professional goals.

The energy is infectious and it will help further light your fire.

You’ll normalize yourself to seeing how fast people can get results + growth….

….what it feels like to regularly celebrate big wins for yourself + for others….

…. and to experience connection, build relationships, and be supported to a level unlike anything you’ve ever had before..


Have you discovered the power of the R.O.I. Method yet to quickly monetize your audience, drive more sales, and become the #1 leader in your niche?

Go here to see exactly how the Relevancy, Omnipresence, Intimacy Method has transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds of 6-figure entrepreneurs, in helping them scale multi-million dollar businesses.


See a small sample of the wins & results entrepreneurs are getting through being a part of The Relevancy Engine